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The ultimate prescriber portal for e-prescribing compounded medications.

To ANY Compounding software you use!

Releasing this SUMMER

Prescribing compounded medication is complicated.


We make it simple.


The Problem

Prescribing compounded medications has always been a challenge for prescribers, as traditional EMR systems aren't equipped to handle multi-ingredient prescriptions. Pharmacies frequently rely on faxed orders and manual data entry, leading to errors, inefficiencies, and delays.

Our Solution

Gives you complete control over your formulas, including the ability to construct multi-ingredient formulations and effortlessly share and organize them for your prescribers. Plus, the best part is getting those compounded medications e-prescribed to any compounding software you use.


Who can we help

Our collaborative platform can help both Pharmacies and Prescribers
Filling Out Prescriptions


If you operate a compounding pharmacy and find it challenging to manage prescriptions received via fax or electronically with unclear instructions, our platform is designed specifically for you. It efficiently saves you time by eliminating the need for manual order entry and reducing back-and-forth communication with prescriber offices.


If you're looking to prescribe customized multi-ingredient medications tailored to your patients' needs but are unsure where to begin, give our platform a try. You can easily select a shared formula, view each ingredient clearly, and adjust strengths based on the patient's requirements. Plus, with just a simple click, you can e-prescribe directly from our portal.
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Build multi-ingredient formulas


Central repository for all formulations created


Easily search by category or ingredients


Get compound prescriptions electronically on ANY Pharmacy software you use today


EPCS Certified to handle both control and non-control prescriptions

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Simple solutions for complex problems


Central library of all formulas

Easily create multi ingredient formulas and categorize them based on your needs. No matter how many formulas you store, you can search them all by name, category and even specific ingredients.


e-Prescriptions for Compounds

Providers can pick a formula and customize to their patient's needs and e-prescribe via Surescript all within our application. No need to change your pharmacy software, it will work just fine with your existing system.


Share your formulas

Want to share formulas with your prescribers? With a simple click of a button share your formula with multiple prescribers and categorize for them.


No more fax or paper trails

Say goodbye to faxing and manual prescription entry. Save time and minimize errors, ultimately enhancing patient care.

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